Coron Underwater Garden Resort

Welcome to Coron Underwater Garden Resort

Situated in an emerald islet just a 15-minute free boat ride from the coast of the main island, Coron Underwater Garden Resort offers an enjoyable encounter with the sun, sea, and scenery. Make the most of your vacation time with the wide array of exciting water activities, delectable cuisine, and splendid Instagram-able view. You can also take a dip and swim in our fresh and saltwater infinity pools. Retire for the night in the comfort
of any of our fully-air conditioned rooms in the floating villas to wake up the next day and be greeted with the calm sapphire waters of the sea just outside your veranda.

With its Wifi connection, cable TV, 24-hour electric power service, and attendants who are willing to go the extra mile for your extra smile.
Coron Underwater Garden Resort guarantees a worry-free, wallet-friendly retreat from the pompous and busy urban life.

Coron Underwater Garden Resort promises a top-of-the-line customer experience satisfaction by extending our commitment to providing quality service and Value for Money rates.

Coron Underwater Garden Resort is a relaxed accommodation featuring a vast water park with a vast array of fun activities. It offers a pleasurable encounter with the water in all its richness.